Spellbook Introduction

Welcome programming mages and sages, to the fellowship of compliance!

API Introduction

The Ward API enables Web3 companies to build & scale applications that are compliant from the get-go, featuring customizable risk-scoring and simplified querying for wizards of all skill levels to use.

Supported Blockchains

These are the
currently supported blockchains
  • Ethereum --> 'Ethereum'
  • Bitcoin --> 'Bitcoin'
  • 🛠
    TRON --> 'Tron'
  • 🛠
    XRP --> 'XRP'
  • 🛠
    Polygon --> 'Polygon'
  • 🛠
    Binance Smart Chain --> 'BSC'
  • 🛠
    NEAR Protocol --> 'Near'
  • 🛠
    Celo --> 'Celo'


If you're having trouble casting a spell or have any doubts, feel free to join our Discord and ask any questions you may have!
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